The Summit Centre for Preschool Children with Autism
The Summit Centre
Title - Enrollment Information

We Invite Referrals for Children Who

  • Live within Windsor/Essex County
  • Are 48 months or younger at the time of enrollment
  • Have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder - OR -
  • Are suspected of having a diagnosis by a qualified psychologist, physician or speech and language pathologist
How to Enrol Your Child in STEPS

If you want your child's name on our wait list, first

  • Tour The Summit Centre - we want parents to see our program before they decide if it is what they want for their child
  • Give us a copy of a note from a physician, psychologist or speech language pathologist saying the child has a diagnosis or suspicion of Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Sign and return our wait list form
To Enrol Your Child in the Unity program... CLICK HERE

For Parents Deciding about Enrolling Their Child

  • Parents or caregivers need to drive enrolled children to The Summit Centre for 9:00 a.m. and pick them up at 3:15 p.m., up to five days a week
  • One or two days/week, our staff teach the child at home and a caregiver must be present
  • All our staff are trained in BMS- Behaviour Management Systems
  • Our policy is to give the next opening to an enrolled child's sibling diagnosed with autism
  • Children are eligible to start programming at The Summit Centre until their fourth birthday
  • We provide treatment for children until their sixth birthday
  • We can provide consultation, if parents want, for three months after the child is discharged
Our Contact List

  • Anyone interested may tour our centre
  • For parents committed to enrolling their child, we provide a diagnostic assessment if needed
  • Enrolled children start treatment as spaces become available
  • Modest user fees based on family's ability to pay
Family Involvement at The Summit Centre

  • Parent meetings
  • Participate in developing programs
  • Involved in teaching daily living skills
  • Support groups for parents and siblings
  • Parent on Board of Directors
  • Other parent and family volunteers
Parent Report Card

Every month we give feedback to parents' on:

  • Involvement with home programming
  • Child attendance
  • Observing programming
  • Homework
  • Parent meetings
  • Half day participation at The Summit Centre
  • Two-day ABA workshop
Writing Letters and Filling Forms Policy

At the request of families, we will provide letters and fill out forms, for up to two years after the client's last service with us.

We will gladly provide copies of past reports when requested, for up to 10 years past a client's 18th birthday.

A few examples of letters are to employers about needing extra time off work, for client's funding and for accessing transportation or recreations services for people with disabilities.

A few examples of forms would be for Easter Seals funding for diapers, Disability Tax Credit, or referrals.

Tour Dates

See Upcoming Events page for details.

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